Chillicothe Civic Theatre Membership Form
Use this form to setup and pay for your CCT membership. Membership runs from the day it is paid for 1 year. Example: You pay on March 3, 2017, your membership is good through March 2, 2018. All membership perks and coverage are only available between those dates, inclusive. Membership at any level allows you to attend Board Meetings, vote on Board Members at the Annual Meeting, and even run for a Board position if you meet the guidelines.

Whether you are a new member or a returning one, use this form. If you have tried the previous membership form and got an error, you should use this form to submit your information again, just to be sure. If you have already paid and just need to fill out the form, do that here, too. Submitting the form does not automatically take you to a payment. The link to pay for your membership is on the Confirmation page AFTER you submit the form. If you have already paid, you obviously don't have to do that part. You can send an email with your payment confirmation number and we'll crosscheck it.

If you need to ask questions or clarify anything about membership, please email our Membership Director, Tim Kennard,

The name and address below refer to the person filling out the form. A parent or guardian must fill out the form for anyone under the age of 18. As you select a membership type, you will be asked to clarify any other information needed. Thanks.

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