E-CLASS Report Feedback Survey
If you received an E-CLASS report about your physics laboratory course, please provide us with some feedback about the survey and report. We will use your feedback to modify future versions. Thanks!
Ben Zwickl, Noah Finkelstein, Takako Hirokawa, & Heather Lewandowski
Did you have any difficulty administering the E-CLASS in your class?
If "yes", please describe the difficulty.
Was any part of the report confusing or unclear?
If "yes", please describe.
How much do you agree with the following statements?
Strongly Disagree
Strongly Agree
The survey was easy to administer to my class.
The report was easy to understand.
I found the report results interesting.
The report was helpful for evaluating my course.
Clear selection
Did you find any aspects of the report particularly interesting?
If "yes", please describe.
Do you have suggestions for questions you would like to add to the survey?
If "yes", please describe.
Any other comments or suggestions about the E-CLASS survey or report?
Please enter your email if you are willing to be contacted so the E-CLASS research team to discuss your feedback.
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