Gauging interest in a print zine version of Apex Magazine
Apex had its start with the printed Apex Science Fiction & Horror Digest back in 2005. There has been interest in reviving the digest. If there is *enough* interest Apex will consider a revival. To that end , we hope you can take a few minutes to answers these questions. Thank you!
Apex Magazine is currently a monthly eZine. Would you be interested in a print edition? *
If you said yes, would you be interested in subscribing?
If you are interested, would you be okay with certain content such as interviews being digital only and available on the web? This will allow us to keep printing costs down.
If you're not an Apex Magazine reader now, would having the magazine available in print prompt you to read our zine!
What are your favorite types of stories in Apex Magazine? Examples?
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What would you like to see more of in Apex Magazine?
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In what ways do you feel we can improve our zine?
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