Summer 2017 Ground School Sign Up Form
Sign up for Private Pilot Ground School. Start date is July 29th 2017. Payment in full is required prior to first class session.
You received this form because you have expressed interest in Revolving Ground School for Private Pilots by Latitude Aviation. Class times are Saturdays at 9am-12pm. Cost is $330, books are extra. Please contact Latitude Aviation at or 208.635.0805 with any questions.
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I understand that Ground School is an intensive class. Latitude will be providing my Private Pilot kit about 1 week early (if I don't already have one) so that I can study and read ahead of the class. I also understand that an endorsement to take the FAA Private Pilot Knowledge Test is not guaranteed at the end of this class, and is contingent on my effort to learn and participate in the class, to include use of the provided Gleim Test Prep Software in the curriculum kit. If I elect to use my own curriculum without purchase of the Gleim Test Prep Software, I understand that I will be required to demonstrate my knowledge by either purchasing my own copy of Test Prep Online - AND/OR - completing a ground session with a Latitude CFI *at my own additional expense*. Please type your name in the box below as confirmation: *
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