IAPB Membership Mapping 2019
We would like to bring our members closer together. By completing this short form you'll be helping us to do just that! Please let us know which countries you are working in and who the correct contact is for your organisation in country and tell us what the nature of the projects are in country. This will be published on an IAPB Membership Map and we hope that in doing this we'll be able to facilitate more partnerships in country. The map will be visible at the Council of Members 2019 and you'll be able to come along and add any further details during the event!

Alternatively if you would like to provide this information in another format OR work in more than 12 countries, please do contact communications@iapb.org who will send you a word document to complete.
By completeing this form you are agreeing to publish this information on the IAPB website and for other members to contact your in country representative. *
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