Pildora Sustainability Questionnaire
We are committed to sustainability and transparency at Pildora. We'd love to know more about your brand!
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How do you ensure your materials and ingredients are sourced ethically? Where are they sourced from? *
Are your ingredients and/or materials certified organic? *
Do you use any animal-derived ingredients and/or materials? How are they sourced? *
Are all your products vegan? If not, please list which products are not vegan. *
What types of dyes do you use for your products? Please help to specify if applicable (azo free, natural dyes, etc.) *
Where are your goods manufactured? *
How do you ensure that your supply chain is ethical? *
Are all of your company's employees, production, and outsourced workers paid a fair living wage and in safe conditions? *
Does your brand use a range of diverse models? If applicable, do you offer a range of diverse sizing? *
Have any employees visited the production facilities and factories to ensure transparent and ethical practices? *
Do you have images and/or video footage of the conditions of these factories and sourcing facilities you can share with us for more transparency? *
Are you willing to share above images and/or videos with the public and/or Pildora? *
How much waste is produced by your products and what do you do with any waste materials? *
What type of packaging do you use for your products? (Plastic, recycled, compostable, etc.) *
Do you support any charities? If so, which ones? *
What is the minimum order quantity for a wholesale order? (Please specify units or $ amount.) *
What is your average product shelf life after opening? (If not applicable just put N/A) *
What is your average product shelf life in storage sealed? *
What temperature (°F) do your products need to be stored at? *
What is your average lead time from purchase order placement to in warehouse date? (Our warehouse is located in Pennsylvania, USA) *
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