CA 3 Test Rota
Take it serious, write creative content and make good conversation. Don't just react to client, you are supposed to be a living being too! Follow conversation, ask and answer questions. Don't repeat yourself, don''t repeat what client says either.
Don't use standard questions (what are you doing right now) or standard fillers (don't you think so)
Don't use standard phrases like 'I would like to get to know you better'. The way to get to know someone is not putting that literally in words, but by asking interesting questions.

You can promise a client a date, but only so if you are (almost) certain you are going to lose the client otherwise.

NO illegal stuff like incest, rape, underage, children, animals and so on. No rude porn.

Write in full sentences, correct use of punctuation. No chat- or street language, you are not on Facebook. But don't be too formal either, you are having conversation, you are not writing an application letter.

You should be fluent in understanding and writing the English language.

At this moment we are hiring people for the rota team. You need to be able to schedule at least 10 hours up front and of course BE there. Also this chat will be 24/7 so at first we will need to select people from different continents to be able to cover all hours. This means we cannot tell you right now when you will be able to start work, but we will let you know if you passed the test.
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