SWE Background Check Request Form: 2020-21
This is the preliminary sign-up form in order to be background checked to volunteer for outreach events with GT SWE for 2020-21 school year. Once you have submitted this form, please be on the lookout for a follow-up email. Be aware that background checks can sometimes be a time-intensive process.

The State of GA has passed a law that anyone who works with minors will need to do background checks. SWE will be paying for your background check on your behalf. However, before we do that we want to make sure you are committed to outreach! Therefore we have come up with these pre-screening questions linked below to gauge your interest and commitment to outreach!

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to our VP of Youth Programs, Kat Pospichel, at swevpyp@gmail.com.
Name *
Email (Please use your GT email) *
Phone Number
This is your SWE ID given by National SWE. You have one if you registered for SWE after Tea with the Dean or if you purchased a membership. If you have any questions about your SWE ID, feel free to reach out to Kat Pospichel at swevpyp@gmail.com. If you are a first-year and don't have a SWE ID yet, just put "first year" for this question.
Year *
Major *
Have you done SWE Outreach before? *
How many events? *
Have you worked with minors before? *
What age range? *
Describe your experience working with minors (taking care of siblings, babysitting, etc. all counts) *
What would you do if you came to an outreach event and a girl was crying? *
What events are you interested in volunteering for this year? (check any that you are interested in) *
Do you believe you have had a background check done before? *
If so was it in the last year?
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