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Dear Friends:

Melanie Wen is running to be the next MLA for Calgary, together with the Alberta Party we need your support before, during and after the election.

Melanie was born in Burma, grew up in China and has lived in Alberta for 14 years. Her life experience has taught her discipline, financial responsibility and compassion. Ms. Wen have seven years experience as a business analyst and three years governance experience. She developed strong interest in public services since being elected to ICCRC board in 2015. Ms. Wen has served on many committees at ICCRC including the Specialization Task Force, Governance and Nomination Committee (GNC), CEO search committee, etc. She is currently the chair of GNC. Melanie is an aspiring nIew mother who enjoys gardening, travlling and likes to try out different recipes. Melanie wants to represent you in the Legislative assembly and works for the best interest of Albertans.

Melanie Would like to hear from you about issues that are important to you. In order to help Melanie understand your priorities Please take a couple minute to complete this survey and share it with anyone you know who live in Calgary-North. The new electoral district of Calgary-North includes Panorama, Evanston, Hanson Ranch and Carrington.


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