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Brianna Ostoff, Farmington's new Director of Community Education, would like to know more from local residents. What do you know about Farmington Community Education? What would you like to see in Farmington Community Education's future class, activity, program and experience offerings? This survey is anonymous- no names or contact info is required.
Suggestions, Comments and Input
Please provide comments and input from your perspective of being a local resident within or near the Farmington School District #192. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and ideas.

Do you receive the Farmington Community Education Fall, Winter and Spring catalog mailed to your home 3 times a year? *
Do you open and review the Farmington Community Education catalog? *
Farmington Community Education provides programming for all ages. We provide for the very young infant, preschoolers, students in grades K-12 (in public schools or home schools) Adults age 18 and up, parents, senior citizens, and ESL and GED students, as well as disabled adults.
Have you or a family member participated in any of the following Farmington Community Education programs, activities or experiences in the last year? Check all that apply. *
When and why do you register or sign up for Farmington Community Education classes? *
What type of class, activity or experience would you like to see offered through Farmington Community Education? Please be specific. If agreeable, please share your age. *
Do you find our registration easy to access and to register for a class? If your answer is no, please let us know how we can make the registration process easier for you.
Would you be interested in sharing a skill or talent with others by teaching a Community Education class? If yes, include your topic and contact info. *
Any other thoughts? comments or suggestions? Thank you.
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