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Kindergarten Language Arts/Reading course focuses on laying a solid foundation for beginning English language literacy. It offers students the opportunity to master a range of basic language skills and applications that prepare them for further language concepts in ensuing grades. Through engaging texts, vocabulary building, sentence parts, and basic letter sounds are explored.
Kindergarten Math leads students through the rudimentary concepts required for math, preparing them for mathematical operations. The use of colorful and varied manipulatives and graphics in the video lessons adds variety and helps students stay focused on and interested in the subject matter.
Kindergarten Science course investigates basic concepts of life, earth, and physical science, as well as physics. On-camera experiments add color and variety to the course, as well as deepening students' understanding of the concepts. Course topics include: Plants, Animals, Earth's Resources, Weather, Matter, Movement.
Kindergarten Social Studies course, covers basic concepts of social groups, social interactions and concepts having to do with families, neighborhoods and communities, working and jobs. The course continues to build a strong social foundation by further discussing needs versus wants, spending money wisely, and even investigates weather and different kinds of geography, such as deserts, mountains, and plains, etc, as well as the use of maps. Students learn about the countries of the world, the United States, technology, days-weeks-months, holidays, celebrations, and traditions.
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