SwiftUI Workshop - CONVOKE 4.0
What is SwiftUI? A framework to write better apps with less code.

Welcome to the Declarative Future of iOS development.

Rudrank Riyam, Apple WWDC Scholarship Winner 2019, saw the launch of SwiftUI live; and it blew his mind.

Resonates with the headline of this year's WWDC of course. "Write code. Blow minds."

Let's build a remarkable SwiftUI app together to have a worthwhile weekend in this free workshop.

Prerequisites -

1. macOS Catalina
2. Xcode 11
3. Motivation to learn.

Date: 11AM - 1PM, October 19th, 2019

Address: Cluster Innovation Centre, University of Delhi, North Campus, Vishvavidalaya Marg, GC Narang Road, Delhi, 110007
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