MiraCosta online Introduction to Teaching with Canvas class, fall 2017
This fall, MiraCosta College is offering the online Introduction to Teaching with Canvas class in both facilitated and self-paced versions, taught by MiraCosta full-time faculty. Both versions of the class contain 4 modules.

Facilitated: Each module is designed to be completed in a week in about 10 hours including opportunities for interaction with classmates and instructors. Instructors offer optional weekly online meetings.

Self-paced: Has no required interaction or expectation of maintaining a consistent pace with others in the class. Should take about 7.5 hours per module.

The facilitated class will run Nov. 13 - Dec. 8. There are two self-paced options: Sept 1-29 and Oct 2-27. (Note: registration for the September class is now closed. Contact Jim Julius if you want to be a "late starter" in that class.)

Both versions contain plenty of opportunities for hands-on practice activities that will prepare and support you in developing your own Canvas classes (though this class is not designed to completely prepare you for fully online teaching).

Participants who satisfactorily complete 80% of the required activities within the timeframe of the class will receive a certificate of completion. Participants may potentially claim up to 40 hours of Flex time for their participation in the Facilitated class and 30 hours of Flex for the Self-Paced class (subject to PDP rules and faculty contracts).

Questions about this? Please contact MiraCosta Faculty Director of Online Education, Jim Julius (jjulius@miracosta.edu)

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