Spring into Summer Detox - Registration
I'm so glad you will be joining the Clean & Lean Health Academy for the special edition of the 5-day spring into summer detox.

5 days of support, meals and a chance to detox and kick the cravings to the curb once and for all. You'll spring into summer like a brand new person full of energy for all the fun you plan to have.

This program is for the individual who is ready to get back to the basics, without deprivation. This detox will be sweet bliss - meaning you'll be eating real, clean food! Most participants will lose between 3-5 pounds during the 5-day program, but as you know with any program, every person is different and it's also about how much you commit to the plan.

I believe in this program. I believe in you. I also believe that living the healthy life is blissful because you'll be feeling great, looking fab and loving life.

I am PSYCHED to have you joining in!

>>>>>>>> Register by Thursday, June 5th at 3 pm EST <<<<<<<<<<

Program will run from 6/13/16 - 6/17/16

What you get:

:: 5-day downloadable program guide (including a recommended meal plan with recipes). This is truly GORGEOUS and informative!
:: 15 brand new recipes, exclusively for this detox program!!
:: Support from all 3 Clean & Lean Health Academy coaches
:: Daily accountability and support in a private forum
:: 14-servings of protein powder that can be added to your smoothies or used alone as a shake. Choose from Vegan Protein, Soy Protein or Whey Protein. All options are low-glycemic, gluten free and nonGMO. (That is 4 more than you need for the program - bonus!)
:: 14 low-glycemic, gluten free and nonGMO snack bars to keep handy and avoid the vending machine temptations. Choose your flavor below. (bonus: that is 4 more bars than you'll use during the detox)
:: BONUS: detox your skincare information!

Your total program cost is $76.4 USD, plus tax and shipping to your area.

Program cost may vary in countries outside of the United States, please contact me for pricing if you're outside of the US: Summer@Summer-Price.com

:: If you live in one of the following countries you are eligible to participate: USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Mexico, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, China, the Caribbean Islands, Thailand, France, Belgium, Columbia, Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg, Ireland and Romania.

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This is to use in the 10 smoothie recipes. All options are low-glycemic, gluten free and nonGMO + you'll have 4 extra servings left over for future use.


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Additional PROGRAM add-ons
If you're interested in additional health improvements, check out the offers below. I would love to support you in achieving your true health potential.
Stress & Sleep Management Support: Contains USANA Vitamin D (Highly absorbable and so needed during the fall and winter months) & USANA Pure Rest™
Vitamin D: The current recommendation of 400 IU of vitamin D per day may not be enough to prevent vitamin D deficiency. USANA’S supplement has 2000 IU of vitamin D per tablet. Pure Rest™: Pure Rest™ is USANA’s fast-acting, ultra-pure melatonin supplement. Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone that regulates sleep and wake cycles. Pure Rest™ is NOT a sleeping pill. Pure Rest’s™ orange-flavored tablets are designed to dissolve quickly, and their ultra-pure formula is both safe and effective. Pure Rest™ does not contain animal ingredients and is not habit forming. Enjoy a healthy sleep with Pure Rest™.
Add for $40.6 USD
Additional Digestive & Detox Support: Contains USANA Probiotic & USANA Hepasil Liver Detox Supplement (28-day supply each)
Did you know that 70-90% of your immune system depends on the health of your gut? If you are looking to keep your immune system in tip-top shape so you can look and feel your best during the Holidays, this program add-on is a great way to support your body.
Add for $68.1 USD
Beautiful Skin Package: USANA's Sense™ Gentle Daily Cleanser, Hydrating Toner, Daytime Protective Emulsion, Night Renewal Crème (Approximately 3 month supply)
A perfect way to begin your journey to beautiful skin and a more natural, radiant you. All products are self-preserving and paraben-free.
Add for $91.3 USD
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Health Disclaimer
As with every health & wellness program, please check with your medical doctor before starting this program. The information in this online program is meant for educational purposes only. The information in this program is not intended to serve as medical advice and should not be used for the diagnosis or treatment of a health problem or disease. This program is not a substitute for professional medical care.
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Refund Policy
I treat my digital and print offerings the same way as most audio and book retailers: I don’t offer refunds on programs that can be downloaded and viewed (industry standard) or custom supplement packs (again, industry standard.) This program is non-refundable, please read the full program details and frequently asked questions before purchasing.
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Are you currently a Preferred Customer or Associate of USANA Health Sciences?
Current Preferred Customers and Distributors (Associates) of USANA Health Sciences are not eligible to participate in the program unless they have enrolled directly through Corinne Olsen. Please do not register if you are a Preferred Customer or Distributor of the company who did not enroll through Corinne. Contact the person who originally set up your account if you have questions or would like to order products. Thank you!
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