Canadian Educator Survey 2021
Teacher Survey
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What grade level do you teach?
How are you currently teaching? *
Are you new to EdTech?
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Are you currently receiving sufficient professional learning from your school district or additional external sources?
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What are the top 3 essential EdTech devices you currently using to teach?
What Learning platforms are you using to teach?
What Social Media Platforms do you rely to engage in professional learning?
What are the Key Teacher Twitter Hashtags you use most frequently?
Do you require more professional learning to support your evolving role as a teacher?
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Do you have sufficient funding to purchase your required tech?
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Do you have sufficient technical support for you and your students currently?
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How are the students and parents adapting to the new teaching methods?
Not Well
Perfect Adoption
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How does the number of students in the class impact the online learning?
How are you encouraging your students to maintain  positive and healthy mindsets?
What is lacking in current professional  learning opportunities?
How will the pandemic impact your teaching in the future?
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