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Apply for a Staff position on BroCraft Gaming, a Minecraft server live 24/7 at
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Rules & Information
Please fill in this form to apply for staff on BroCraft. Please only apply if you are an active member of BroCraft and have been on for at least one month. You must also not have any record of griefing/hacking, even if it is not on BroCraft (we do background checks on everyone applying for Staff). Most importantly, we need to be able to trust you​.

Please fill in the forms as fully as you can, and make sure that you include all the information that we need! We cannot reply to (and so accept or deny) your application without a valid e-mail address, even if we know who you are in-game.

You should not apply for any role here other than what is listed in the drop-down menu. If needed, you may contact us about any further roles not listed here.

If you make a mistake, simply create a new application and let us know that there was a mistake. Other than that, do not create duplicate applications or any other applications whilst we are still moderating it.

If we deny your application, feel free to apply again, but we recommend that you make changes to ensure that we pick you the second time round. If we specifically say, however, that we do not want you to reapply (e.g. if you have a record of griefing/hacking), then please adhere to this.

By applying, you consent to your information and details (such as email address) being stored on our database so that we can contact you further. This information will never be shared outside of our Senior Staff and will be removed within 30 days if your application is denied. If your application is successful, however, your information will be kept for the duration of your time as Staff on BroCraft.

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