BroCraft Gaming - Staff Applications
Apply for a Staff position on BroCraft Gaming, a Minecraft server live 24/7 at
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Rules & Information
- Fill in this form as fully as you can to apply for staff on BroCraft.
- Do not apply unless you are a regular active member of BroCraft and have been playing on the server for at least 30 days.
- Do not apply if you have a record of griefing/hacking (even if it is not on BroCraft - we will check).
- Please include as much detail and make yourself stand out from other candidates!
- Ensure you include a valid email address so that we can contact you regarding the application. We regret we cannot accept applications without this.
- If you are not currently a member of staff on BroCraft, you may only apply for Moderator at first.
- If you make a mistake with your application, either contact us or make a second one.
- Do not make another application if one is currently being reviewed, unless it is to fix a mistake.
- If we deny your application, you may apply again (unless we specifically specify otherwise), but make sure you take our personalised feedback into account.
- By applying, you consent to all the information you input (including email address) being stored on our database for the purpose of contacting you further. This information is only shared with the BroCraft Gaming Leadership Team, and is destroyed within 30 days of an application being denied. If you are successful, your application will be kept for a longer period of time. At any time, if you wish to obtain a copy of the data we have associated with you, or if you wish for us to destroy such data, please contact us.
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