Feedback Form 6.2.0
This is a feedback form based on the 6.2.0 patch. This will be used for future direction.

All questions are optional, and may be answered anonymously if you so choose.

We ask for as much feedback as you can give for this update, as we are passionate about how Valor feels to you guys!
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How long have you been playing?
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What would you rate the patch on a scale of 1-10?
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What was your favorite change about the 6.2.0 update?

What was your least favorite change about the 6.2.0 update?
Do you enjoy running the new Basement?

And if you feel it necessary to explain, why or why not?
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How do you feel about the current balance direction, and do you have any suggestions for what should be focused on?

This can be things such as individual items balance, condition effects (curse), skilltree nodes, dungeon designs and difficulty (Basement), LG/AR passives (especially the new ones) and special effects.
How are the Reforge changes? Are there any things that we can improve upon in the next update in regards to the balance of it, improvements to the entire system, or changes to the mechanic?
How is Valor's moderation currently, and is there anything we can do to make it better?

This is in regards to in-game/discord chat moderation, and responses in tickets (response time, professionalism).
Are there any things you'd want to see from us for future events? (Valentines day-esque events, the Valor Calendar, mod events, etc.)
If there were any things you'd change about our update schedule and what we share with the community, what would they be and what would you like to see?
Is there anything you'd like to say or comment on that we didn't ask a question about?
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