JKYog/Code With Us - Summer Coding Camp Jul 13-Jul 16, 2020
Register for a one of a kind summer coding camp for ages 7 and up, by Code With Us in partnership with JKYog! Learn Python, Java and Scratch and how to build games, websites and apps! Patient, experienced camp instructors with degrees from top US universities, thoroughly vetted for their coding and teaching skills. Code With Us is the leading and trusted provider of coding lessons in Silicon Valley with 2600 students globally. They have partnered with some of the most innovative technology companies like Google, Intel, Salesforce, HP, Agilent and many others to offer company sponsored technology education programs for their employees and families.

Pick the time slot (9am-12pm, or 1pm-4pm)and the class that you would like to attend! You will receive an invoice directly from Code With Us for payment of $235

Game Design with Scratch (Age: 7+)
Learn to design interactive games using Scratch, a block-based visual coding
language developed by MIT lab. Students can design interactive games and
take ideas to reality using this easy to learn visual programming language.

Application Development with Python (Age: 9+)
Learn to design software and web applications using Python, a generalpurpose and the most popular programming language by professionals. This
topic will give great introduction to fundamental programming concepts and
the Python language.

Web Development with JavaScript (Age: 9+)
Learn JavaScript, one of the most powerful and flexible programming
languages of the web that powers the dynamic behavior on websites. Students
will learn programming fundamentals using JavaScript syntax. This topic will
lay the foundation for using JavaScript in any environment.

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