2019 Women in Science (WiSci) Girls STEAM Camps: Counselor Applications
The 2019 WiSci Girls STEAM Camps (GirlUp.org/WiSci) feature the exciting opportunity for young women from the United States and WiSci 2019 participating countries to serve as Counselors at each of the four camps below! This is an incredible opportunity to make a difference in the lives of high school girls from all over the world and the United States. Counselors play a critical role in helping this camp be a life-changing and rewarding experience for 100 campers from around the world.

The 2019 WiSci camps will be held for two weeks each in:
• July 14-27, 2019 in Tallin, Estonia
• July 3-16, 2019 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
• August 18-31 in Pristina, Kosovo

The time commitment for a Counselor is around 18 days, plus participation in Counselor Webinars. This includes days for the Camp Counselors’ travel to the host country + Counselor Training + Camp + travel home with US campers.

The role of the Camp Counselor is primarily to serve as the core support person for a group of 10 campers, 24-hours a day, with backup and support from Girl Up staff. In addition, the camp counselor facilitates daily Girl Up curriculum for leadership trainings for campers, supports day-to-day programming on-site, accompanies participants during off-site excursions, and develops close relationships with campers.

All camp counselors (10 per camp) will be expected to act as a link between the camp management and the 100 total campers. They will also be responsible for the general development, skill achievement, safety, and well-being of all campers.

All counselors will be required to pass a background check, to participate in weekly webinar counselor trainings leading up to camp, and to attend a 4-day training session the week before each Camp begins in the Camp’s host city.

A successful candidate will:
- Be between the ages of 20-24 by the time of counselor training;
- Be in college or recent college/University graduate;
- Be independent, patient, mature, flexible, organized, and considerate;
- Have experience with high school youth, particularly in a residential or camp setting;
- Be able to both motivate and discipline when necessary;
- Interest and/or experience in working with different cultures;
- Communicate effectively (written and verbal) with youth and professionals from various backgrounds;
- Ability to lead and implement group activities effectively;
- Ability to work as a member of a team and accomplish tasks in a timely manner;
- Experience with STEAM related subjects highly preferred.
- Have enthusiasm and support multi-cultural friendships.

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Why is diversity an important aspect to an all-girls camp? What does diversity mean to you in the STEAM fields? (250-300 words)
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A key component of the counselor role is facilitating and leading daily leadership workshops for groups of 10 high school girls. Please give a real-life example of when you led or facilitated a youth program, workshop, leadership activities, summer camps, and/or STEAM curriculum. (250-300 words) *
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A counselor is the primary support person for campers and is “on-call” 24 hours per day to deal with any issues that arise with campers. What THREE qualities do you feel are most important to be a successful WiSci camp counselor and why? (150-200 words). *
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