ESDV Footloose own initiative form
Hey! Are you interested in organizing a fun activity with your fellow dancing students? Take your chance to organize a team-bonding event! We (the board) are willing to sponsor this event...

Here are the rules you, as one of the organizers, need to follow before committing to organizing an activity:

1) This form needs to be filled out at least 4 weeks before the event date
2) 3 weeks before the event date the board will evaluate this plan and give a GO/NO-GO for the event.
3) Once a GO has been given by the board, the organizers are committed to pursue the event. If they are neglecting their organizer's role and/or call off the event, then there will be consequences for the event organizers. Their input and performance will be judged by the board. In the future, they are prohibited from organizing own initiative events.
4) Financial consequences are attached to the participating members IF they have enrolled for the activity. When registered, they are obliged to pay the participation fee even if they are not joining the event (depends on the activity and established deadline withdrawal date which is in accordance and in agreement with the board ).
5) A week before the event, an enrollment list for the activity must be shared with the board to evaluate the progress and demand for the activity. This is to make sure the activity is well set up.
6) The event is open and available for all those subscribed to the event. Members of other classes will be considered second when desired to join the event.

Concessions made by the organizers before the event:
1) The organizers need to promote their own event at their dance classes. In addition, the board will promote the event during the announcement rounds in between dance courses.
2) The organizers need to contact the external party who hosts this event to ask if they are willing to make financial concessions (entrance fee discount and/or drink discount).

Furthermore, we ask the following things of the organizers of the event:
1) Short text: minimum 1 A5 and maximum 2 A5. Hand in 2 weeks after the event date, at the latest.
2) The written piece mentioned in the item above needs to fit the lay-out for the website of ESDV Footloose for promotion purposes.
3) At least three clear and visible photos of the activity for promotional purposes.

Responsibilities of the board:
1) Free up time to assess the event and if necessary be the advisory body for the organisation of the event.
2) Promote the event via Facebook
3) Provide the finances based on the association sponsor system described below.

Association sponsor system:
This sponsor system has as main purpose to facilitate the finance of the event for the participants.
At least 25% of the students of the concerned dance course need to participate and be interested in the event. This includes all levels of the related course (e.g. Salsa 1, 2 and 3). Additional finance can be rewarded up to 50% of enrolled participants for the event of the concerned course.
Minimum: 25% participants of the concerned course -> 25 euros.
+1 euro per additional 1% of participants of concerned course.
Maximum: 50% participants of the concerned course -> 50 euros.
The specified money based on the association sponsor system will be transferred after the event date to the desired party after they filled in a declaration form in the board room.

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