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We are looking forward to setting up your outreach. In order for us to do that more effectively, we need the following information. Please complete this form and click "Submit".
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Please not that if any team members are from Africa, India, and many other Developing Countries, you may not get a Visa on Arrival
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Do NOT wait to send in your application form until you have this information. It is more important that we get your application back as quick as possible. Just send us your flight information when you have it available.
Preferred Housing Situation *
We cannot always guarantee accommodation preferences, but when possible, which of the following do you prefer?
Ministry Preferences
Please let us know what kind of ministry your team is wanting to be involved in so we can best pair you with the appropriate ministry.

NOTE: Teaching English (both formally and informally) is perhaps not only the most effective evangelism tool, but is also currently THE most requested ministry tool from all our ministry locations, especially from our Cambodian churches and ministry contacts.

Some ministries have everything ready for you to teach English, many do not. So please be prepared to do an English camp or teach English at local schools and universities, or in slums, or at churches. Please also be prepared for a variation in age groups and English skill levels. (The more creative and fun the better!)
Been to Cambodia before? If so, please list here the ministry you worked with (if you wish to work with them again)
NOTE: if so, please still fill out the rest of the ministry questions in case the contact you want to work with is busy
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Ministry Location: What places do you want to work in Cambodia? *
NOTE: please do not check more than 3 options. If you know a specific village or area, choose "other"
Number 1 choice of Ministry type *
This takes priority over other options. What kind of ministry does your team really want to do and be a part of?
Other Ministry types your team wants to work in *
Please select no more than 3. What others kinds of ministry does your team want to join?
What skills/talents/gifts does your team have for Ministry? Check all that apply *
NOTE: Don't see a skill your team has? Mention any skills not listed in the "Other" Box. Just separate each skill with a semi-colon " ; "
Are you Bringing all Equipment Needed for Ministry? *
NOTE: Due to the volume of teams we host, we are unable to provide teams with sound systems for dramas, etc
How did you hear about working with UofN Cambodia? *
Anything else we should know about your team?
i.e. spiritual gifts, special circumstances/requests, specific focus of the team/school
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To continue in our efforts to protect and care for those ministries that work with children, has anyone on the team ever been accused of wrongdoing with children and/or young kids (i.e. physical or sexual abuse)? *
If answered "Yes" Please explain briefly
NOTE: All information shared will be kept in the strictest of confidence.
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