Personal Action Plan Workshop Feedback
Your feedback is a powerful way to contribute to this work and help it be relevant and valuable and ideally lead to meaningful impact and action in the world. Thank you for taking the time to share your insight.
Which workshop did you participate in?
1. Did the workshop help you gain clarity or insight that will be valuable in your life?
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2. What part of the workshop was most effective or most valuable to you (could be content or process or other participants or...)?
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3. What would you change about the workshop? What could be done differently?
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4. Are there other workshops or facilitated conversations that you would be interested in participating in?
5. Anything else you want to say
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Contribute to this work continuing
Your feedback about your experience is invaluable. Thank you. You may also make a financial contribution to this work at At least 20% of donations received will be contributed to the Center for Participatory Change, an Asheville-based organization that is led by women of color and has been supporting grassroots efforts and doing community action and movement-building work for years. If money is fluid in your life, please consider donating extra as I will then be able to contribute more than 20% to CPC. Thank you.
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