Your experience of stereotyping in social housing
This short survey is for people living in social housing (council, housing association, ALMO, TMO, cooperative) to share their experiences of negative stereotyping.
The information is being collated by the See the Person campaign - a tenant led campaign to end negative stereotypes about people living in social housing. It will be collated and shared anonymously with politicians, civil servants and others who need to know more about this important issue.
If you include your contact details, we will add you to an emailing list which you may leave at any time. We may contact you to ask for more details about your answers.
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What age group are you?
Have you experienced or seen negative stereotypes of people living in social housing?
If yes, please tell us a bit about where you've experienced or seen this...
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What is the impact of negative stereotypes on you?
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What is the impact of negative stereotypes on others you know?
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