Family Digital Safety Survey
Families: Please take this brief survey to help us understand how you perceive your child's digital world. Results will be used to shape plans for our school's digital citizenship program. Your responses are anonymous. Thank you!
How does your child/children spend time online? (please mark all that apply)
Which topics have had conversations about with your child/children? (please mark all that apply)
Does your family have rules or family guidelines around... *
I'm not sure
How much TV to watch
How much time can be spent on the computer or media device
Which internet sites can be visited
Whom to interact with online
Posting videos or other media onlne
What is your family's most important rule or policy around technology? *
Your answer
Do any of your children (grade PK-5) have a cellphone? *
Do you use privacy settings on social media accounts and/or online games? *
To your knowledge, has your child/children ever: (please mark all that apply)
What concerns you most about today's digital world? *
What excites you most about today's digital world? *
Are there any topics you wish your child/children had more information about and help with? (please mark all that apply)
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