DUAL WIELD STUDIO Mask Sewing Job Form
This form is for those responding to our post about hiring out of work, furloughed or others within the cosplay and fan community. Please answer each question in its entirety.

If you wish to contact us about purchasing masks in bulk, want to temporarily license your IP for masks, or have any other questions, please contact us at hello@dualwieldstudio.com.
Email address *
What is your name? *
What is your location (city, state)? *
Please link us to photograph examples of your sewn work. Cosplays are absolutely allowed and encouraged. If you do not have a website portfolio, please link to photographs on your social media. *
What kind of sewing machine do you have? Make and model. *
If you have NOT sewn masks before, please look at this pattern: [ https://psjh.blob.core.windows.net/covid/Instructions%20Community%20Mask.pdf ] How many masks do you believe you can make in an hour? *
What supplies do you already have on hand to create masks? (Note: You must have access to all needed supplies, or the ability to access them for this initial run. Please list ALL components based on what the masks require, along with brands of thread (if accessible) and cloth/fabric. * *
Based on your materials, what is your approximate cost per unit?
Do you have access (WITHOUT TRAVELING OR LEAVING YOUR HOUSE) to the following tools and supplies: *
Are you able to add additional detailing to masks, such as embroidery, creating patterns for larger or smaller heads, cross-stitching, decals, patches, or other items? Please leave details here. *
Do you have the ability to fill out and return a W9 (https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fw9.pdf)? By selecting yes, you are stating you have the ability to be hired and can fill out related paperwork for a CONTRACT WORK/FREELANCE position. This is not full time or an offer of employment. *
What email should we contact with a contract? *
How will you accept payment? *
I have the ability to do a contactless drop-off or another similar shipping method.
Clear selection
I understand I will be required to use the patterns provided and my work must be clean no loose threads, or ragged lines. *
I understand the demand for jobs may be more than the demand for masks, and I may not be hired. Filling out this application is not an extension of a job offer. *
If I am chosen for this, I will be asked to produce 2 hours worth of masks and submit these for quality check. If the work is not accepted, I will still be paid but the contract will be considered fulfilled and there will be no further contract. *
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