Wallaby Mommy
I am a Wallaby Mommy bag. I simply fit according to your needs. I'm a transitional bag. Because I can be your hospital bag, Nursing bag, Baby Bag, Breast Pump and back to work bag - ALL-IN-ONE. There's more to what I can be. You just wait and see :-)
I want my Wallaby Mommy Bag Tote bag SET! Php2450
I want my Wallaby Mommy Bag BACK PACK SET! Php3450
PRO FREEZE Ice packs *
Easy hydrate Ice packs/ Economical/ food safe/ reusable/ can be custom sized ice packs.
Need liquid gold booster? You might want to try V-Pharma's MEGA-MALUNGAY? *
Ideal for breastfeeding mommies! Mega malungay contains 500mg Moringa Oleifera a natural galactagogues known to be a booster for milk production and iron to prevent anemia for those late night breastfeeding sessions! AND 100mg Sodium Ascorbate (Vitamin C) to add energy and resistance booster.
Do you want to try Naturali Virgin Coconut Oil? *
Natural oil: Ideal for massages, moisturizer, make-up remover and an aid to constipation and more!
I need Calmoseptine Ointment! *
What every household should have in their emergency kit! Great for healing cuts, scrapes, burn and rashes or prevent diaper rashes too! MADE IN THE USA
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