Seussical Personal Ad Form
Each cast and crew member are expected to sell 1 personal and 1 business ad for this show.

All ads and questions about ads should be directed to the

Ads may be submitted already created, or the content can be sent in and the publicity staff will create an ad. Due to the format of the playbill, it is critical that all ads be sent in the correct orientation based on the size of ad purchased. Examples are included in the form below.

Other guidelines for submitting personal ads:
1. Pictures/images must be in JPG or PDF format
2. File must include CONTACT NAME, STUDENT NAME, and AD SIZE
3. DO NOT send picture in body of the email, it must be an attached file
4. All steps above must be followed and payment received for ad to be placed in the playbill
5. If money is paid, but no ad is received, your business name will be listed on a Thank You page of the playbill


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Ad Sizes - Please note the portrait or landscape orientation of the different ad sizes and ensure pictures sent in are oriented correctly to avoid distortion. Full page ads may have multiple pictures and orientation does not matter.
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