CI Safety, Feedback, Conflict Resolution
If you are experiencing an issue around safety; what’s not working for you; or have a complaint, grievance or dispute, or would like to explore a potential solution to a problem, please follow this protocol.

1. Examine your own triggers by doing a CI Self-Inquiry and/or meet with your therapist.

2. Speak directly to the person involved, after doing your self-inquiry. In your conversation with the person involved, express your feelings, state what you need, and request a specific action that would fulfill your needs, without blaming, giving advice or making the other person wrong. Be curious about any compulsion that arises in you to tell the other person what to do, or to control a situation.

3. Do not impose opinions, interpretations or judgements on others. Be curious about your own triggers and reactions instead. Any judgement towards another reflects a judgement towards yourself.

4. If you have an issue with a fellow biweekly participant, do your best to resolve any conflict with them directly, using the CI Communication Guidelines, before asking for support from your online facilitator. If the conflict has not been resolved after speaking with them directly, or you perceive a lack of safety in dyads/triads, or breaches to the CI Communication Guidelines or Code of Ethics, speak to your biweekly facilitator about it as soon as possible.  

5. If you have an issue with your biweekly Facilitator that has not been resolved after speaking with them directly, and that compromises your experience in the biweekly group, contact Sat Dharam at Please copy your facilitator in the email.

6. If there is an issue in your CI Focus Group, please practice CI Self-Inquiry and follow the CI Communication Guidelines and Code of Ethics for Participants, and work it out within your group. The CI Focus Groups are autonomous groups, not managed by CI. However, you may reach out to Stephen Brown for support, and/or hire a third party to mediate, including members of the Office of Integrity and Equality, or a CI Facilitator or CI Mentor of your choice.

7.     If there is an issue with anyone on the CI admin team, including Sat Dharam, Stephanie, Kristen, Gurudayal, Daniela, Sahiba, Alanna, Michelle or anyone else, please first speak to the person directly whom you have the issue with. If the issue has not been resolved after speaking with the person directly, please contact either Stephanie or Sat Dharam

8. If there is a separate issue not described above, around safety; what’s not working for you; or a complaint, grievance or dispute; please fill out this google form with your specific concerns. Once you have filled out this form, please email Siri Dharma at, who will either speak to you directly or put you in contact with the appropriate person.

9. If necessary, your concern or issue will be referred to either the Office of Integrity and Equality, Sat Dharam Kaur and/or Gabor once the above steps have been taken.

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