Tool use in fish
Have you ever seen a fish use a hard surface to help it open a prey?
The fish holds the prey in its mouth and strikes it quickly and repeatedly on the hard surface until the prey breaks.
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If you know the precise location, please enter the GPS coordinates. Otherwise, please indicate the name of the dive/snorkeling site, for example Lizard Island, Great Barrier Reef; or Ilot Maitre, New Caledonia.
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What fish species have you observed doing this behavior? You may list several species names or just the family/genus if you are not sure. 
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What will happen to your data?
• The location and species observed will be published in open access for all observations. Observations will be anonymous: your name/email will never be shared, published or associated with the observation.
• At any time before the dataset is published, you can send us an email to modify or delete your observation.

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