St. Mary School/Holy Family Parish 2020 Survey
Survey for Parish and Non Parish Members
Catholic schools make a positive contribution to the well-being of the Catholic Church and society? *
Catholic schools are an effective way to help parents educate their children in the Catholic/Christian faith? *
The value of the Catholic school education justifies the cost? *
What is your perception of our school's current financial position? *
Are you aware that our Parish school has financial assistance program for those in need?
How often do you make support to our school via time (paid or volunteer)? *
How often do you support our school via talents (knowledge/professional training)? *
How often do you make support to our school via treasures (financial support)? *
What do you like most about St. Mary School? *
Do you feel St. Mary School should be changed to a Pre-K - 4th grade instead?
Tell us about yourself - I am a .. (mark all that apply) *
Do you have a Pre-K - 8th grade child(ren) living in your home?
Are you a member of Holy Family Parish? If yes, please answer this question and then the next 7 questions. If no, answer this question and move to the last question of the survey.
The Parish religious education program (BOSCO) replaces the need for a Catholic school?
Having a grade school at our Parish is a vital part of our mission?
I would increase my Parish contribution to show support for our Catholic school?
Each parishioner is responsible for supporting our Parish and school financially?
It is beneficial to register in the Parish for attendance and financial purposes?
Do you use monthly school support envelopes to donate?
If you have dependents in Pre-K - 8th grade in your household and they do NOT attend St. Mary School, please share why you choose to NOT utilize SMS?
Your answer
As a non-parishioner belonging to St. Mary School family, would you increase your tuition or volunteer hours to show further support of the school?
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