Nomineringar Fjärde Lagtima Landskap HT20
Please fill in the fields below, and select at least one post you want to nominate the person to. Nominations can be sent in until November 19th at 23:59. Nominations can also be sent via email to, or in paper form in the election board postbox outside the office. For nominations to the election board, please send the nominations to
All members have the right to be nominated to foreman posts. Posts not marked with * can be appointed directly by the kuratel, and it is recommended that you contact them first at

Election process:
After nominations, election board will contact everyone nominated and book a digital interview . After interviews, the election board will announce their suggestions at the latest on December 1st. The elections will then be held during Fjärde Lagtima Landskap on December 10th 2020.
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