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Aloha love,

What a gift to connect here and now.

It’s an honor to envision co-creating Heaven on Earth with you over the 2021 summer Solstice amongst our potent group of visionaries + New Earth architects on the paradise island of Maui, Hawaii.

Embodied Ascension is a 9 day – 8 night portal designed to initiate and prepare our beings for infinite expansion – our dreams are unfolding before our eyes. Here is the container in which we prepare to launch forward, with grace, ease and pristine presence.

We are birthing new worlds that call us into new dimensions of presence, power and potency. Let’s practice together and anchor these new ways of being we are meant to embody.

Your spirit will feel profoundly nurtured and at ease, your body will receive potent healing and recalibration, your heart will feel magnificently open, overflowing..this is the essence of ascension and exemplary leadership in the New Earth.

Heaven on Earth is here when we allow ourselves (fully) to be.

Our Immersion is designed for an intimate group of visionaries devoted to embodying their true selves while being powerful examples of love, presence and healing in a world that’s calling for our medicine now more than ever.

Together we are pioneering and co-creating a new style of intentional immersion into shared presence rooted in collaboration, mastery, co-leadership and coherence.

Let’s play.

Here’s our invitation.
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What are you intentions for joining us this Summer Solstice for our Embodied Ascension immersion? *
What gifts will you contribute to this experience? Together we are practicing and anchoring a new paradigm of co-creation and co-creative leadership in our immersion. You may be invited to share and lead in various ways that might surprise you. Are there any creative offerings you'd be inspired to share within our group? *
How do you feel about practicing a day of sacred silence towards the middle of our retreat? Do you have experience with silent meditation at all? What is your personal spiritual or energetic practice like these days? *
We will be exploring group channeling in the Akashic Records as well as other multidimensional healing modalities throughout our immersion. What is your experience with intuitive healing, energy work, channeling or intimate transformational group work? How do you feel about this possibility? *
If you could experience at least three core shifts or breakthrough transformations by the end of our immersion, what might they be? Be as specific as possible. *
What is your experience with yoga, movement, dance and/or qi gong? We will incorporate a variety of embodied movement each day and some of our excursions will entail hiking and some strenuous walking through wild trails. How does this feel for you? *
All invited to join our sacred container are asked to commit to specific agreements necessary for cultivating a safe transformative space ripe for healing, presence and authentic connection. Are you in alignment with the following commitments? Please mark a check next to each one to indicate your acceptance. *
The investment for this comprehensive journey is $6,000.00USD. You are welcome to pay in full $5,200.00 USD and save $800. Alternatively a $1.5K deposit is required to secure your space and full payment is due by June 1st. Payment plans are available upon request. What option do you prefer for your energetic exchange? *
Lastly, how did you come across this immersion? Is there anything else you'd like for us to know in considering your application? Do you have any other questions? *
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