Behind the Art - April and May Episodes
Behind the Art is a live stream show where I chat with some of the amazing folks in the cryptosphere. From artists to developers to collectors, any and everyone is invited to join us. We encourage questions and conversation so tune in every Wednesday and Thursday and lets have some fun! Submit your questions for each guest here.
Upcoming Guests
Submit your questions for Crypto Steve Wand
Long time NFT collector, founder of Digitible, and advocate of the #freeross campaign. Twitter:
Submit your questions for Alotta Money
Crypto artist, Voxels architect, Photoshop Master, and VR&AR Maximalist. Twitter:
Submit your questions for n0shot
Voxel artist, Co-Founder of Async, and design expert. Twitter:
Submit your questions for Brekkie
Bitcoin Artist and advocate. Creative Director/Podcasting @Tantra_Labs. Creative Director/Advisor @SwanBitcoin Swan. Twitter:
Submit your questions for DJ J Scrilla
DJ J-Scrilla is a producer, DJ, artist, Bitcoin-er and more. His new album SOUND MONEY is a Soundtrack to using Bitcoin. Twitter:
Submit your questions for Coin Artist
Coin Artist is a legendary technologist, game designer, and crypto artist. She is the CEO of Blockade Games, a company that designs puzzles and games for the crypto ecosystem. Twitter:
Submit your questions for Coldie
Multidimensional crypto artist creating digital NFTs and stereoscopic 3D physical works. Twitter:
Submit your questions for Conlan
Conlan is a talented technologist bringing tools to the cryptoart community. He is the Founder of Scribe, Co-Founder of Async, and the Cryptovoxels Gangnam community creator. Twitter:
Submit your questions for Skeenee
Skeenee is a crypto artist that tokenizes his artworks on many platforms. He is also a tattoo artist and is inspired by skulls and anatomy in general in all of his work. Twitter:
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