TC Williams PTSA Faculty and Staff Support Grants Application (2020-21)
This program is intended to provide support for projects and activities that fall outside school and district funding. Priority will be given to projects that benefit the most students or result in lasting benefit to the TC community. The Committee will award $6,000 this year. Awards will be announced in February.

WHO IS ELIGIBLE: Staff at TC Williams, Satellite Campus and Minnie Howard may apply individually or collaboratively.

DEADLINE TO APPLY: 4:30pm on Friday, January 15, 2021.


- No funds will be provided for the purchase of gift cards, snacks, or food.
- You may submit multiple applications.
- All virtual field trip requests must be approved by Content Administrator PRIOR to submitting an application to PTSA. Funds may only be used for students who cannot afford the cost of the field trip.
- Maximum request is $750.
- Recipients must submit reimbursement paperwork within two weeks of activity completion.
- All reimbursement requests must be submitted no later than May 5, 2021.
- Recipients who do not spend any of their grant or fail to submit paperwork on time will be ineligible for funding next year.
- All materials purchased through the grants become the property of the school.

HAVE A QUESTION? Send it to Co-Chairs Carolyn Ostermann-Healey and Beth Simmons at
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Name of Applicant(s) *
TC Department(s), Content Administrator(s) *
Email Address(es) *
Project title
Type of Project *
Total dollar amount requested from PTSA. Please also indicate total cost for project, if different than requested amount. *
Please describe your project. What is the purpose? How many students will benefit? *
Please provide a timeline for this project. When are funds or materials required? When will activity take place? What is the end date for this project? *
Please provide a detailed budget breakdown for this project. Useful information might include cost per student, cost per unit, or estimate of cost for each item to be purchased. If you already know where you would purchase items, please include that detail. *
Are other funding sources available for this project? If so, please list them. Has other funding been received? *
Would you be willing to accept partial funding for this project? *
If request is for a virtual field trip, please indicate who the content administrator is, and the date of their approval for this trip. How many students in total will take part? How many of those students are unable to afford the cost?
Was this project/activity funded last year? If so, what was the total amount received? *
If goods are being requested, would you be willing to accept gently used items (e.g., books, art supplies, games, etc.)
Would you be willing to attend a virtual PTSA meeting to report on your project? *
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