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How beneficial were the chatback Q and A sessions?
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Which of the chatback participants did you especially enjoy?
Did you find Matt's questions in the chatback sessions to be:
Did you find that the chatback Q and A sessions were:
How beneficial were the masterclass sessions?
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As an audience member, did you find the masterclasses to be:
For those of you who sang in a masterclass, did you find your time with the teacher to be:
Which of the masterclass instructors did you especially enjoy?
If you had the opportunity to have a voice lesson with a masterclass teacher for an additional fee, would you be interested?
How would you rate your experience singing in the choir?
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How helpful were the sectional rehearsals?
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Which pieces did you especially enjoy?
How would you rate your overall experience this week?
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What aspects of the program did you especially enjoy?
How easy was the registration process?
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How easy was the payment process
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How likely would you be to attend the program next year?
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What things were especially memorable?
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What things would you change?
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Provide a brief testimonial about your experiences and anything you may gave learned this week. *
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For those of you in the chamber choir - how would you rate your overall experience in the chamber choir
For those of you in chamber choir, what is your favorite piece?
For those of you that attended in previous years, how did you enjoy the residency component of having Richard here for multiple days verses the individual sessions from previous years?
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