The call of the Christian parent is to nurture the child's spiritual growth. The church is your vital partner in this calling.

To that end, please complete this brief form for each child in your family. Doing so will help the church to organize children into Sunday School classes, guard their health and welfare, shepherd families, and plan special events. Thank you!
Child's Full Name (Last, First & Middle) *
Child's Preferred Name (e.g. Charlie, Liam, Lucy) *
Child's Sex *
Child's Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY) *
Child's Age or Grade *
Name of Father or Other Legal Guardian *
Name of Mother or Other Legal Guardian *
Family Telephone Numbers *
In case of emergency, what is the best way to reach a parent? (Listing a cellular phone number for each parent is suggested.)
Family Mailing Address *
What is the family's physical address?
Family E-mail Addresses *
What is/are the best e-mail address/es to use when contacting the family?
Allergies & Other Medical Information *
Please list allergies, medical conditions, or any other similar information that should be known about your child.
Special Issues *
Please list learning differences, behavioral issues, or any other similar information that should be known about your child.
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By typing my name below and submitting this form, I attest that I have provided information that is accurate and true. Furthermore, I pledge to respect Sunday School teachers, event volunteers, and other ministry leaders, and to do what is in my power to make the 2019-20 year an outstanding one.
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