NNS Masters Goals Survey 2020
Welcome to 2020 at North Sydney Masters Swim Club.

As we start a new year and annual training plan, it is time to write out our swimming goals for the year. To help the coaching staff ensure you get the most out of squad sessions, please take some time to fill in this survey and submit it.
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Age as at Dec/31/2020
What are your main swimming goals for this year
Would you like to attend any pool carnivals? We encourage swimmers to participate in at least one carnival per year. Please tick which carnival(s) you would be most interested in attending. (If you are unsure, feel free to ask around about these different carnivals – you can always change your mind later).
Are you interested in expanding your horizons beyond chlorine and black lines and entering open water swims?
Clear selection
Please note any physical development or any technical skills you would like to work on (strokes, turns, fitness, racing skills, ocean swimming, other....)
Goals - Choose a selected few events, or more, stroke/distance combinations that you would like to target and provide: your Personal Best time, your most recent performance time and your desired target performance time for each event if you know them. An 'event' may also be a certain type of set we regularly do during training.
Coaching - do you have any injuries we should be aware of?
Coaching - how do you feel about your coaches? Too challenging, not challenging enough, just right? (Please be specific)
Coaching - do you understand all instructions?
Training - what are your favourite sets?
Misc other. Is there other feedback you would like to provide?
Please note
Please note that while the coaches will do their best to adapt sessions to your needs, it is not always possible to do so. Sessions are designed to improve fitness and strokes of all swimmers in the squad. Sessions will focus on different distances and strokes throughout the year.

For the safety of all swimmers, it is important to follow the session for your lane. If you have any questions about swim etiquette please ask a coach as soon as possible and follow the advice of your coach to help keep lane order. You can also read through North Sydney etiquette on the website at this address: http://www.northsydneymasters.org.au/training/squad-etiquette/
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