Determined to Shine - Fall Retreat Survey
Determined to Shine is headed out on the road! Following the success and excitement of our Spring Retreat in Milwaukee, we're headed to the East Coast this fall!

Here's what I can tell you so far:
- 2.5/3 day event this fall
- Art journaling and creative projects focused on personal growth and development (exact theme details TBA)
- Almost all supplies will be included (you'll be asked to bring just a few basic things you likely already have on hand - it's important to me that you don't have a long supply list in addition to your event cost)
- Numerous creative projects will be completed throughout the event
- Will be held at a hotel in an East Coast city (see survey below). Discounted room rates will be available.

- Cost of the event will likely be around $450. This is a great price for an event like this - events with similar teaching and supply kits are often up to twice this cost. The retreat is designed to be a bit of a luxury getaway and an investment in yourself. <3 The event cost does NOT include transportation, lodging, or meals. The event price is NOT set in stone, and may fluctuate up or down depending on the city, as some cities are more expensive than others.

If you are interested in attending, please complete the following survey ASAP. This will help me finalize the event details so we can move forward with booking and planning! This survey does NOT obligate you in any way. If you are not interested, please do not complete the survey.

How interested are you in attending? Choose 1-2 options. (This is not an obligation, it just helps me estimate an approximate number of attendees.) *
What dates work best for you? Check all that apply. *
What dates absolutely would not work for you?
Preferred Cities *
Please indicate which cities you would consider visiting in order to attend the retreat. Please check ALL CITIES YOU WOULD CONSIDER. Airport access is available in each of these cities. Note that flights tend to cost more to certain airports.
Best City *
Please choose your FIRST CHOICE city.
Other City?
Is there another city you'd like to recommend? Please list city and tell me why it would be a great choice. (Note: Retreat city must have airport access.)
Your answer
Would you most likely be driving or flying to attend the event? *
Curriculum and Projects *
The Fall Retreat could be another session of our Loving Yourself Fearlessly retreat, or may be an entirely new event. To help me decide, please let me know if any of these apply to you:
Retreat Experiences
For this retreat, I'm considering an "on location" experience, depending on the city chosen and availability. Please check any of these that would interest you. (This would be just one session of the retreat. The majority would be spent at the hotel conference center.)
Anything else?
Please let me know any other factors that would influence your attendance or anything else you'd like me to know.
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