Small Groups Leader Application 2018-19
The Apostle Paul sets a high bar for spiritual leadership in I Timothy 3:1-2: “If anyone aspires to the office of overseer, he desires a noble task. Therefore an overseer must be above reproach . . . self-controlled . . . not a drunkard . . . respectable . . . blameless”.

In wanting to be a leader at FCM, you aspire to a noble task where you can have a dramatic influence for Christ. Those that you are leading will imitate you (“Imitate me as I imitate Christ” I Cor. 11:2) and therefore we have high expectations:

1. You see your place in this movement as being one called of God to raise up a legacy of men and women of God behind you. We are, and must be, all about evangelism and discipleship. Please take a moment and read Matthew 28:18-20 and II Timothy 2:2.

2. That continued involvement on Thursday Nights, Mentor Groups, Sunday Mornings and leading and serving in the community be priorities in your life.

3. Commit to spending regular time with those in your group outside of Thursday evenings. The spiritual relationship we have with one another is not born overnight and Thursday evenings is not adequate to meet needs and speak into one another's lives to the extent that we can and should. This is also part of helping them acclimate into our family, getting to know others and being cared for.

4. That you view FCM as the ministry to which God has primarily called you at this time. This is a matter of focus and stewardship. If you are committed to more than one ministry it will be difficult to be effective. Please feel free to contact current Small Group Leaders to find out more about their position!

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