2018-19 Science Olympiad Interest Form
Please use this form to provide Hickman Charter School's Elementary (grades 4-6) and Junior High (grades 6-8) Science Olympiad Teams' coaches with contact information for your family and the events in which your student is interested!

Team coaches will reach out to you later in the school year with more information and dates for information meetings.

► Elementary (Division A) Coaches: Bret Bergthold & Shelly Hastert
Competition Event: March 30, 2019
Event listing should be finalized by November, 2018

► Junior High (Division B) Coaches: Erynn Farmer & Debbie Wiggins
Regional Competition Event: March 2, 2019
State Competition (if we qualify): April 13 (Tentative)
Event listing should be finalized by September, 2018
Event choice "priority" will be determined using this rubric (NOT by interest form submission date):

Junior High Information Meeting: Thursday, September 20, 2018 at 2:30pm in room 64/65.

A "Team" at either level consists of up to 15 eligible students. We will use information provided in this form to schedule informational meetings and ultimately build our teams. Please remember that participating in Science Olympiad is, at all levels, a year-long and whole family commitment.

Important Links:
► HCS' General Science Olympiad Page: http://hcs.hickmanschools.org/science-olympiad.html
► HCS' Elementary SciOly Page: http://hcs.hickmanschools.org/elementary-sci-oly.html
► HCS' Jr. High SciOly Page: http://hcs.hickmanschools.org/jr-high-sci-oly.html

Parent Information
Please provide accurate identity and contact information so that we can provide your family with more information and current updates about Science Olympiad.
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Student Information
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Science Olympiad is open to students in grades 4-8. Elementary Division A accepts students in grades 4-6, and Junior High Division B accepts students in grades 6-8.
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Science Olympiad Divisions & Interest
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Does THIS student have siblings who may also be interested in Science Olympiad? (Please submit a separate Interest Form response for these students.)
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Please indicate which level of Science Olympiad - Elementary (grades 4-6) or Junior High (grades 6-8) - that THIS student is interested in joining.
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