Dark Nights Reports
The team is working hard on polishing the game to the best of our abilities. We're always on a watch for errors and the like (we are right now!) but it doesn't hurt to get some help!
For reviews or general feedback on the game, and other DN-related things, feel free to add a comment on the itch gamepage, tag the creator on Tumblr (@darknightsblog) or Twitter (@_Pinlin), or join our discord server!

* You can submit as many reports as you want! (No spam, please! They will be ignored.)
* Before reporting something, make sure to check the game's change log or if a newer version has already been updated; maybe someone already caught the same error and it has already been fixed!
* Our discord also has a special area for reports as well, if you prefer to upload screenshots, discuss it with others, etc.
* If this form isn't enough for you, you can also shoot an email: darknights.time@gmail.com

Give us something to call you~ Your name or nickname is fine! You don't have to, though!
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