Proverbs Bible Study
Where do you turn when you need to replace a fuse, cook dinner, eradicate ants, or soothe your child’s upset stomach? If you are like many others, you have a shelf full of “how-to” books to supplement your own knowledge and experience. Now it’s time to add Proverbs to that shelf! Proverbs is the Bible’s own how-to manual. The wisdom contained in its practical and simple instructions will help you to be successful and prosperous in your work, your dealings with family and friends, and your relationship with God. As William Mouser opens up this treasure-store of godly guidance, you’ll wonder how you ever survived without it.

Join us for this 10-week study on William Mouser’s Proverbs: Learning to Live Wisely.
Mondays, April 2 - June 4
6:45 PM - Parlor
Book $7
Leaders: Barbara Schneider and Carol Campbell

To sign up and receive your book, please fill out the information below and return your payment to the church office or to Lara Bolte’s mailbox (next to the church office).

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