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Thank you for leading a Mazama Families Activity! The Families Committee hopes everyone had a wonderful time. Please fill out this report to help us in many ways: It will give us some info for financial reporting, a bulletin article to let others know what a good time you had, and serve as a quick debrief. Thank you, we really appreciate your time!
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Number of applicants *
Number of adult participants (18 and over) *
Number of participiants under 18 *
Total money collected *
Itemized expenses *
Net revenue for the activity *
Was there a near miss or accident that left you or others uncertain, spooked or worse? *
If so, please consider Critical Incident debriefing:
Was there an incident that should be reported to Risk Mangement? - not to place blame but to help others within the club to learn. *
Read more about what to report and to fill out a report here:
Any good stories to share in a bulletin article or Mazama Annual?
If so, we can help you write it! This could be a one sentence or paragraph summary to use in our monthly Families bulletin or a feature (or stand alone) article for the Bulletin and/or the Annual.
What worked well with the activity that you would you repeat?
What would you do differently?
Any pictures to share? *
If so, please contact the Families Chair to share @
Any participants interested in becoming a leader? *
If so, please provide their name and any contact info you have.
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