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Please complete this form in its entirety. This form is for all Juneau Schools Groups. If you have questions, please contact Dianna Pierson at (907) 790-2000 x215 or by email:
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- Lessons are required for each student.
- Students with a Season Pass, 5th Grade Passport, Books 2 Boards membership, or equivalent do not need to purchase a lift ticket.
- Rental equipment is available for student without their own gear.
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Assumption of Risk & Liability Release
I accept full financial responsibility for the equipment rented. I promise to return it clean and undamaged by the agreed time and date, and if I fail to do so, I will pay for its repair, cleaning, or replacement at the full retail rate, determined by the shop. I understand how the equipment works and have received instructions and satisfactory answers to my questions. I agree to check this equipment before each use and if at any it does not seem to be working properly, I will stop using it immediately and return it for inspection and possible repair or adjustment.

1. I understand and agree that skiing, snowboarding and related activities are Hazardous and that injuries are common and ordinary occurrences during these activities. I agree to assume all risks of death or of injury to any part of the user’s body while using the equipment.

2. Alpine Ski Equipment- I understand that proper bindings settings or stance depend upon the accuracy of my statements about weight, height, age, skier type and stance on this form. I have confirmed that the binding release/retention settings or stance on this equipment correspond to those stated on this form. The ski-boot-binding system is designed to release the boot from the ski when certain forces reach preset values, but the binding will not release or retain at all times which may prevent injury. All injuries due to unwanted release or retention are inherent risks of skiing.

3. Snowboards– I understand that these systems function differently from Alpine ski bindings and will not release in falls or accidents. I understand and agree that these systems do not protect against any type of injury and that any injuries resulting from these circumstances are inherent risks of the sport.

4. I understand and agree that certain risks of skiing and snowboarding may be reduced, but not entirely eliminated, by taking lessons, by following “Your Responsibility Code” which is posted at most wintersport areas and by using reasonable care and common sense. I further understand that a leash or other runaway prevention system must be used with all skis and snowboards at all times, including while riding lifts and while carrying snowboards on or near a slope, in order to reduce the risk of injury to others.

5. To the fullest extent allowed by law, I hereby agree to release and hold harmless this ski and/or snowboard shop, and all manufacturers and distributors of this equipment, as well as their owners, agents, employees, and affiliated companies, from any and all responsibility or legal liability for any injuries, damages, or death to any user of any equipment listed on this form, whether resulting from negligence or any other cause. I further agree that I will defend and indemnify them if any claim or action is pursued for any injuries, damages, or death relating to skiing, snowboarding, or any related activities involving the use of this equipment.

6. I accept the equipment “as is” and with no warranties, express or implied beyond those stated in this agreement and in the manufacturers written limited warranty, if any.

7. This document is a legally binding contract which supersedes any other agreements by or between the parties, and which constitutes the final and entire agreement regarding this transaction and this equipment. This agreement is intended to provide a comprehensive release of all legal liability which is binding upon and for the benefit of all parties, their heirs, agents and assigns, but it is not intended to assert any claims or defenses that are prohibited by law. If any part of this agreement is held to be invalid or unenforceable, the remainder shall be given full force and effect. The specific legal rights of the parties may vary among different states and provinces.

Under Alaska law, the risk of an injury to person or property resulting from any of the inherited dangers and risks or skiing rests with the skier. Inherent dangers and risks of skiing include changing weather conditions; existing and changing snow conditions; bare spots, rocks, stumps and trees; collisions with natural objects, man made objects, or other skiers; variations of terrain; and the failure of skiers to ski within their abilities.

I hereby grant the group/organization and its representatives for which my child is participating with the permission to share my child’s student information, including but not limited to: first name, last name, grade level, and parent/guardian emergency contact information with Eaglecrest Ski Area. This information will be used for internal use only and will not be made public.

I understand that there are inherent and other risks involved in the sport of skiing and that injuries are a common and ordinary occurrence of the sport and I freely and voluntarily assume those risks. I hereby release Eaglecrest Ski Area, their officers, directors, employees, agents and assigns from and all claims and liabilities (including costs, attorney’s fees, and medical costs) arising out of or in connection with my participation in this activity. If the participant is under 18, the undersigning parents or guardians do hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless Eaglecrest Ski Area, their officers, directors, employees, agents and assigns from any and all claims and liabilities (including costs, attorney’s fees, and medical costs) arising out of or in connection with the participation by the minor child in this activity.

I hereby grant Eaglecrest Ski Area, its employees, agents, and assigns the right to photograph myself or my dependent and use the photo and/or other digital reproductions of myself or him/her or other reproductions of myself or his/her likeness for publication processes, including but not limited to electronic, print and/or digital publishing.

Refunds will only be considered for the following: medical reasons or moving out of town (which applies to multi-week/day programs and workshops which have specified program dates only). Refund requests must be made within 2 weeks of the date of a medical situation or move from Juneau area. Requests must be in writing with proof of circumstance (e.g. physician’s note) and be submitted for consideration prior to the close of the winter season for which the program/product was purchased. A credit may be granted under certain circumstances. However, a grant of a credit is at the discretion of management.

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Electronic Signature Clause
Signatures to this Agreement transmitted by facsimile or by electronic mail shall be valid and effective to bind the Party so signing. Each Party agrees to promptly deliver an execution original to this Agreement with its actual signature to the other Party, but a failure to do so shall not affect the enforceability of this Agreement, it being expressly agreed that each Party to this Agreement shall be bound by its own telecopied or scanned signature and shall accept the telecopied or scanned signature of the other Party to this Agreement.
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