LPC Event proposal form
A form to collect information for proposed LPC events
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Event Type *
Event Title *
The title of the event (will be used on Indico and in the announcement email).
Abstract Description *
This text will be used in the Indico page description.
Announcement Blurb and Abstract Description *
This text will be used in a "Dear Colleagues" announcement by the LPC coordinators on lpc-residents and lpc-all for the event. (Any other announcement should wait for the one from the LPC coordinators before going out).
Event chairs ("official" organizers) or Facilitators *
Local organizing committee *
(local people who will be helping with the logistics, coffee break organization/ordering/setup/cleanup, dinner plans, indico editing, room reservations and setup, chairing sessions if needed, maps/info, pictures during the event, filling feedback form at the end, etc.)
Dates *
(Possibly a set of few preferred dates)
Skeleton of the event *
Please provide a short day by day break down of parallel/plenary sessions with specific room needs spelled out (number of rooms, capacity, vidyo needs)
Coffee break times/number *
Possibly no need for Fri PM (plan to participate to Wine&Cheese? if substantial number of people we need to communicate that in advance)
Vidyo *
Do you plan on providing Vidyo connectivity? While possible, advertising Vidyo option is not recommended (to encourage in person participation). This also affects the room selection (some rooms do not have Vidyo, some can only webcast).
Vidyo Recording *
Do you want to record (part of) the event? Recording would then be posted on the indico agenda after the event.
Expected number of people *
Please estimate the total number of people and the number of people who will come in person or connect remotely. Depending on the event/cases it could be useful if you could give estimates of the number of people who are CMS or non-CMS, LPC residents or non-residents, Experimentalists or Theorists, Junior or Senior etc. Following up after the event on the actual numbers is part of the local organizing committee tasks.
Reception/Dinner *
If you plan to have a welcome reception or an event dinner/banquet please give some details on your plans. The local organizing committee should be making reservations and in general cash is collected before the dinner (unless you are proposing to include it in the registration fee). You should include this information on the indico registration form.
Registration Fees *
Registrations fees and plans for covering coffee breaks should be discussed with the LPC coordinators. If you have any external funding that could be used to cover for coffee breaks or food please indicate it. If registrations fees are assessed, they will generally be collected by our admins in cash or US checks only the first morning of the event. Please let us know your proposal regarding registration fees.
Badges *
Badges for the event participants who do not have a Fermilab ID badge are now compulsory (by Fermilab Access Policy): All participants are expected to wear event badges and restrict themselves to the meeting rooms/areas used for the workshop. For more information please consult the Fermilab Access Policy at http://directorate-docdb.fnal.gov/cgi-bin/RetrieveFile?docid=108). Do you have a design/logo in mind? Please let us know.
Group Photo *
Would you like to take a group photo? In general we cannot use the visual media services of the lab to get official photos, so please let us know who will be in charge of arranging for a digital picture to be taken and the time place. We suggest the first morning's coffee break, before coffee/food is served as the best slot and the Atrium (or stairs in front) of Wilson Hall as the best place. The local organizing committee is also encouraged to take (and share with the LPC Event committee) pictures during the workshop.
Poster/advertisement *
If you plan to have a poster, please let us know. Also let us know where do you plan to advertise it (obvious places are CERN, b.40, R1, R2, CMS centre, P5, but also other labs etc.). Also include here a blurb for the lpc-resident and lpc-all announcement.
Comments/Questions/Extra information
This field is reserved for any extra information that did not fit in the questions above, or any questions/comments you may have for the LPC event committee or the LPC coordinators regarding the event you are proposing.
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