Ruby 201 Voluntneers

<b>Thank you for volunteering for the Ruby 201 Class!</b>
February 10th, 2013 Milwaukee, WI

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<b>What are we doing?</b>

Ruby 201 will be a RailsBridge-like class. This is an all day class starting with Ruby basics in the morning, and continuing on to a small Rails app in production on Heroku by the end of the day. It is a hands on class with a pre-developed curriculum.

<b>Why are we doing it?</b>

There has been a number of people asking about Ruby development in the Milwaukee area and we want to grow our local Ruby community. So, starting in 2013 we're trying to host a series of workshops that will help educate and develop those who are interested in learning this language. There are a number of developers in the area who are versed in PHP and .NET, but want to extend themselves and we'd like your help to help them.

<b>How are we doing it?</b>

Students will split up into small groups based on skill level and there will be ways anyone can help.

We will need people to fill the following roles:
* Instructor - Lead a small group of similar skill level through the curriculum
* TA - Help instructors and students as individual or group issues come up
* Non-technical - Help with logistics

A link to the curriculum will be sent to everyone who signs up below, so you'll have time to prepare.

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