Dice Throne Retailer Package Requests
Roxley believes in supporting brick-and-mortar stores, so we are offering retailer pledges to allow your store to purchase Champion/Deluxe Edition of Dice Throne Battle Boxes. The Champion Editions will be made available to FLGS backers after the campaign concludes.

To back as a retailer:
1. Back the campaign at $1 or more as a deposit. This deposit will be used towards your purchase.
2. Fill out this form, which requests evidence that you are a brick and mortar (physical) store. This form must be filled out before the conclusion of the campaign.
3. Once the campaign concludes and this evidence has been submitted, we will add you to the pledge manager using the details provided in this form.

Retailer packages are available in the following locations:
• Canada (free shipping)
• United States (free shipping)
• China (free shipping)
• Hong Kong (free shipping)
• European Union Countries listed under Zone 2 of the campaign page ($30 shipping)
• Australia ($30 shipping)

The minimum order for retailers who choose to buy at the retailer rate will be 1 case (5-6 Complete Season copies).

Retail VS Champion Edition Options: Your order will contain only Champion versions of the game, and each copy will contain all stretch goals. If you should choose to wait for retail release, Roxley games are available through PSI distributors.

Pricing: Because we don't know a final cost for the game yet (as we are still unlocking stretch goals), the retailer discount percentage will be revealed after the campaign.

Payment: Full payment will be required closer to shipment date.

Thank you so much!

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