2021 Virtual We Live Missions Experience Application
January 18-22
This virtual experience requires significant time and commitment during these dates. We ask that you treat this experience as if you were actually going on an overseas trip. Let family know what you're doing, take work off, and plan to spend most of the week with others who are taking part in the trip and with the Lord.
We also ask that if you share anything on social media that it not include the missionaries' names, their pictures, or the name of the country in which they serve, acknowledging the safety concerns they have as they share the Gospel overseas.
What is your name?
Phone number
Date of Birth
When did you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior?
Why do you feel led to join us for this virtual missions experience?
List any gifts or areas of service in which you excel.
What are some areas of your life in which you can improve?
What are you hoping to get out of this experience?
How do you plan to "attend" this trip?
Clear selection
Can you commit to being present (in person or virtually) for the whole trip? This includes about 4 hours each day together plus full participation in the challenges, some of which will be carried out on your own time. Challenges may ask that you give up elements of comfort/norms in your life, or that you commit large chunks of time to prayer and spending time with the Lord on your own. Please explain your answer and any hesitations.
Do you have any questions? We will work to answer these before the experience.
How do you plan to pay the $150 trip cost?
Clear selection
Do you agree to respect the safety concerns of the missionaries we will be working with and not post any sensitive information (their pictures, their names, the country in which they serve) on social media or elsewhere? If so, please digitally sign your name below.
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