Registration EHC Race Rosenau 2017
Date of race : 15 avril 2017 68128 Rosenau France
EHC race 44 km - 65€
EHC race 44 km U23 - Free
Kids and rookies race 6 km - Free

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Please pay 11 € more per person for dinner.
Agreement Terms and Conditions
Entry deadline: 01. April 2017. Registration after the deadline won't be accepted.
With my participation to an event of the European Handbike Circuit I acknowledge the liability exclusion of the EHF Committee or of involved third party for personal or material damage. I hereby certify that I have full knowledge of the risks involved in this event and that I am physically fit and I have sufficiently trained to participate. I am in possession of a license (national or Internationale) for my sport and I have a medical certificate that authorizes me to do competition sports in handbike.Furthermore I do acknowledge that I have thoroughly read and understand the 2017 Rulebook of the UCI and EHC.
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Please tick this box to confirm that you have read and agree to terms and conditions of this Agreement as stated above, and the details you have given above are correct.
ENTRY FEE : 65 € (Included Start and Chip caution)
ou will get 5 € back after the race, when you bring back the chip
NOTICE: Your registration will only be accepted when full payment has been received
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IBAN: FR7610278032610004269574542

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